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1. To Proofread

Is it possible that you may have missed punctuations or made typos? What are the appropriate ways to use punctuations like quotation marks and apostrophes? You don’t have to worry about them with us as we get rid of them.


2. To Edit Completely

What is the best way to select an apt word and formulate your thoughts? How to address your audience correctly? How to use fewer words? If you feel like your content is written using synonyms, worry no more! Our professional team will realize that in no time and work on it.


3. Format the Text Precisely

How can you be fully confident in your writing and how you choose the words? Do you only need a final touch to deliver your paper? We have a team that is professional in such matters as formatting. No matter which academic style you require, be that APA, MLA, etc., you are in good hands.

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As a leader in proofreading, editing, and formatting, studenthelponline.com provides global services for students, entrepreneurs, and even ordinary people. Our academic personnel and copywriters/editors help anyone, be that a student or an entrepreneur who needs help with texts or anybody with their writing-related tasks. We offer a broad range of services. Whether it is to edit and proofread company manuals or to format a paper according to specific requirements, we are the team you need. With the help of our experts, your essay will sound perfect. studenthelponline.com is a platform for those who need to proofread their content professionally. With us, you can also get classes where our experts will help you to improve your writing skills. They will even aid in building a text from scratch so that the beginning and end will all be your ideas. After those classes, your future assignments will be even easier for you. Our tutors will ensure that your writings become in a way that your audience gets your messages in the best possible way.

  • Get assistance from an expert any time of the day We collaborate with experts globally. Therefore, you can find someone online to help you anytime, be that a day or night on your side.
  • Get your work in 60 minutes You will be surprised to get to your in about an hour. However, bear in mind that lengthy content takes more than that time.
  • Making payments securely Since you can make payments with either PayPal or a credit card, all of the transactions are safe. The reliability and security of these payment methods are well-known.
  • You can get support via phone, email, or live one. Choose the best methods that you deem suitable.
  • Refund policy Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance for us. Therefore, we will fully refund you if you are unhappy with the results. No questions asked.

Customer Reviews

It was faster than I expected. I had prepared a manual for the company, yet it had to be proofread by an expert. I was short in time and had about two hours at most. Thanks to the editor, the turnaround time was an hour and some minutes. That time frame was like an instant to me.


Jane, Detroit

My marketing job includes tons of writing. Stress from that sometimes causes unbearable headaches. I thought failing was inevitable. Thanks to my friend, who suggested studenthelponline.com, I am now bound to succeed rather than fail.


Michael, LA

Writing manuscripts is not an easy task. There is always a need for a second eye to check if it is clear, has good flow, and is easy to read. The editor was the one who did all those tasks, and the quality is unquestionable. Having fixed spelling errors is another joy. I don’t doubt recommending them.


Angelina, NY

As an experienced writer, I don’t have too many problems writing a paper. But formatting is where I get lost. It is either my sloppiness or instead being unorganized. Nevertheless, with studenthelponline.com, I don’t have to think about this issue anymore. I can be 100% sure that experts will polish my posts or blogs the way I intend.


Clark, Cleveland

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Disclaimer: studenthelponline is following the principle of academic honesty, therefore, we do not provide, offer, advertise or support the custom paper writing services. Our services are connected solely to editing, formatting, and proofreading services. Please, keep this in mind before submitting your requests to us!

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